Cleaning & Disinfecting
Nursing Care Equipment

Miyaoka cleans, disinfects, inspects and packages nursing care beds,
wheelchairs and handrails. Our package services receive and maintain
equipment and make finally delivery of upgraded products.


Dedicated drivers visit customers to collect products.


We provide high-pressure washing and disinfecting operations for products such as beds that are dismantled in advance, then have a large dedicated cleaner sanitize everything completely.


Our dedicated drying rooms provide drying in which temperature and humidity are controlled to optimize drying conditions.

Inspection & Repair

Dried products are inspected and repaired as needed.


Once cleaning, disinfecting, inspection and repair is completed before packaging, all products are carefully packed to ensure that there is no breakage before products reach the customer.


Dedicated service drivers take products to their site as requested by the customer. If the customer prefers, drivers assemble nursing care beds immediately so that they can be used as soon as they are delivered.