We Respect Your Feelings

To meet customer needs, we provide one-stop delivery with the variations
and packaging maintenance customers require or desire.
We provide our best services for Japan’s 47 prefectures.
This is the goal of NET47.

Description of Service

Our promotional video features the services we provide, explaining all procedures from product arrival, inspection, and delivery, including packaging sets.

Packing and Packaging

Under a strict ISO-based management system, we provide temporary storage for products such as printed matter, CDs, DVDs and food, all in clean work areas. We also provide distribution processing and completion services.

Packing and Packaging Service

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NET47 delivers a wide variety of products ranging from general cargo to heavy loads. We also set up and install business equipment and provide nursing care equipment services such as assembling and installing beds on site.

Delivery Service

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We offer many after-sales services.
The Nursing Care Equipment Division cleans, disinfects, inspects and repairs care products.
The Industrial Equipment Delivery Division cleans refrigerators and kitchen apparatuses for business use and collects chlorofluorocarbon gas from refrigerators.

Maintenance Service

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Temporary Staffing

Our temporary staffing service is derived from other services such as packaging and delivery. This service area covers warehouse, clerical, service and sales to support your business.
Employment placement is also available.

Temporary Staffing Service

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We design greening areas, providing greening for rooftops, verandas, and walls. We accommodate greening the verandas at apartments or public facilities using polypropylene greening mats.

See greening Serive

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