Excellent Delivery Achievements

Addressing delivery requests from customers,
we supply delivery services in trucks meeting the required product coverage.
Our business operations cover such diverse industries as manufacturing, printing and packing.

Miyaoka Truck Range

Miyaoka’s trucks include 1-ton wagons, 2-ton standard long box vehicles, 2-ton flat long wide vehicles, 2-ton long wing trucks, 4-ton standard long flat vehicles, 4-ton standard Unic vehicles, and large load wing trucks

Miyaoka Truck Range Images

Examples of
Product Coverage

Examples of the products that we cover are printed matter, publications, pharmaceutical products, food, nursing care equipment, beverages, showcases, CDs and DVDs, clothing, school uniforms, home electric appliances, medical care equipment, automobile components, construction materials, air cargo products, freight transport products, furniture and house moving products.

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Safety Controls

All NET47 vehicles are equipped with digital tachograph and drive recorders. Recording time and driving statistics become data effective in providing safe driving instructions.

Safety Controls Images