Privacy Policy

Basic Information Security Policy

Miyaoka Co., Ltd., handles various types of information for its delivery, warehouse storage, packaging and temporary staffing mission.
Strict security management of this information is necessary for gaining the trust of customers.
To implement information security management, we have implemented ordained a basic information security policy, given below.
All Miyaoka employees must learn and observe this policy and all information security regulations.

  1. Information protected by the Company is basically all of the information that the Company deals with.
    Its scope includes both Company information and information from customers and clients.
  2. General recognition and regulation for the orientation of activities related to information security should be established,
    including a framework for setting up security targets and goals.
  3. The Company undertakes regulations and requests from customers about information security.
    The Company specifies security obligations for all business agreements.
    The Company strives to protect intellectual property rights and personal information.
  4. The Company designates the information security management manager as the person in charge of the actions for and promotion of related information security for the whole company.
    This manager accounts for the Company’s strategic risk management to establish and maintain ISMS.
  5. The Company evaluates the influence and potential for loss of information security based on risk analysis and evaluation criteria and examines and implements optimum prevention measures.
    The Company regularly reviews risk analysis and data results.
  6. To enhance information security awareness among all employees, the Company plans and implements continuous education and training.
  7. The Company strives to minimize damage caused by any incidents or accidents while immediately investigating causes to ensure corrective actions prevent any such reoccurrence.
  8. To minimize the influence on customers in a security incident, the Company sets up strategies for conducting business to immediately ensure recovery from serious security incidents.
    The Company also regularly reexamines these strategies.
  9. Stipulated penal regulations will be applied to any security offender who causes a security incident that adversely affects Company influence on business activities due to intentional or critical faults.