Achievements & Reliability

The Packaging Division implements packaging, packing and inspection to meet
customer satisfaction through in-depth knowhow coupled with the latest hardware and
software. Reliability based on dedicated commitment over many years ensures secure
packaging for your precious products.

Excellent Performance
& Meticulous Work

We provide packaging, packing and inspection processes from experience gained inform over 40 years in the packaging business. Our skilled staff expertly inspects, packs, combines items as sets and packages your products one by one. Our capable staff meets necessary requirements such as holiday time and night work. We address a wide number of products to meet your needs. Feel free to ask about large orders.

Packaging Achievements.


Thoroughly Hygienic
Floor Area

We have established a variety of areas enabling us to process all types of products. Our clean rooms enable us to deal with food packing plus product packaging and inspection. Temperature and humidity levels can be adjusted in special rooms so ensure that food products are maintained under optimum conditions. These rooms are designed to address all customer requirements.

Thoroughly Hygienic Floor Area

Thoroughly Hygienic Floor Area Images

Strict Management under
Three ISO Standards

Miyaoka has international ISO9001 quality management system standards, ISO27001 information security management and ISO22000 food safety management. We completely control quality, information security and hygienic handling requirements for all of your product needs for packing, packaging and quality inspection.


Strict Management under Three ISO Standards Images