From Delivery to Unloading
and Installation

The Industrial Equipment Delivery Division takes charge of delivering
heavy difficult-to-carry goods such as refrigerators, kitchen equipment and business showcases.
To supply water and drainage, we integrate unloading, installation, removal and piping work.

Abundant Achievements
& Extensive Experience

If unloading/delivery passages are restricted, ordinary delivery companies cannot deliver heavy goods such as refrigerators and kitchen equipment for business use. Miyaoka has expertise and knowledge enabling it to handle and install heavy goods difficult to carry. Our Unic vehicles also deliver products.

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Organizing Ways to
Suit Your Requests

Contact us for problems such as when the height of a sink for business use differs from what is required or installation is not viable because shop layout has been changed. We will make the adjustments needed to suit the layout. We also provide on-site investigations in advance.

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Delivering, Unloading
& Installing Products

We deliver, unload and install refrigerators and kitchen equipment for business use, cold tables, showcases, ice machines, washers, air conditioners, and solar panels.
*Feel free to ask us about all heavy product delivery.

Delivering, Unloading & Installing Products Images