Packaging Overview & Achievements

Long established knowhow and excellent performance since our establishment further
support Miyaoka’s packaging skills. We provide packaging operations for products
including printed matter, media, medical equipment -- plus many other products.
Our warehouses store chilled products, enabling us to handle many different packing
and packaging orders for food products.

Gift Food Sets

Putting labels on chewing gum packages/candy bags with a small gift attached
Drink sets, Neck holders for drink bottles
Gift sets for beer, confections, catalog gifts, packaging, box folding
Chocolate packaging sets held at 8°C in refrigerated warehouses
Sales promotion products in neck holders
Processing neck holders for drink bottles
Gift products -- beer -- packaging, sale slip labeling, and band strapping
Gift products -- rice crackers and soba noodle box folding
Gift product packaging
Gift product sponge cake shrink-wrapping
*Packaging for department stores and caramel confections

Gift Food Sets Images

Printed Matter

Collating (Maximum: 417), correction seal labeling, sealing Insertion, inspection, binding, number band binding, filter tow (pocket file) creation *Our established knowhow is acquired from long experience in packing and packaging printed matter.

Printed matter seal application -- correction seals, removable seals

Number packaging printed matter
Inspecting printed matter
Number band binding printed matter
Inserting printed matter
Hand folding printed matter
Refolding printed matter
Applying sales promotion articles to catalog
Applying DVDs to catalogs with nonwoven bags
Paper pad binding printed matter, e.g., catalogs
Artist magazine DVD set packaging/envelop closing
Printed matter OPP closing -- pamphlets/leaflets
Mail envelop and OPP closing for vocational schools and university information
Correspondence course material set packaging -- calligraphy pen/Braille translation
Mail bulk separation and binding
Posters, envelops, and vinyl tube packaging
Double-sided tape application to posters
Collating printed matter -- maximum number: 417 -- cards, postcards, sheets
Filter tow creation, printed matter set packaging
Envelop production
Corrugated cardboard product production
Folding box (box and lid), catalog sets

Printed Matter Images

Media CD & DVD
Set Packaging

CD and DVD disc set packaging
Shrink-packaging -- CDs, 10,000 sets/day, A4 5,000 sets/day
*Individual hand packing is available except for shrink packaging.
CD and DVD set packaging -- pot glue paste/shrink-packaging
Shrink processing up to 10cm high for A4

Media CD & DVD Set Packaging Images

Achievements of Other Packaging Services

Inspection and packing of medical equipment -- inspecting cotton buds, medical care tubes
Sales promotion products -- lighters, ash trays
Diapers, beauty lotion: DM product sets for newborns
Giveaway sets, POP display production, shampoo carrier bag sets
Cosmetic samples and mobile phone straps

Inspecting medical equipment
Packing medical cotton buds
Inspection work -- bags, key holders, mobile phone straps, novelty products, lighters, cups
Premium card set packaging
Clear files for OPP packing
Shop instruments, human-sized instruments, counter-use instrument assembly
Storing, selecting, and shipping of accessories
Storing, selecting, and shipping of sales promotion products
Set packaging of auto manufacturer sales promotion products

Packaging cigarette sales promotion product sets
Enclosing cosmetic samples
Packaging of shampoo and conditioner carrier bag sets
Gift box production and shrink-packing for towel sets, e.g., New Year greeting towels and gift sets
Vinyl packing and banding for manga comics and magazines

Convenience store campaign tool kit assembly
Locking tags -- postcards and pamphlets
Covering pocketbooks
Pencil case production and set packaging
Desk calendar collating and case packaging
Ink-jet printing of best-before-date information on food boxes
Inspection -- handkerchiefs, sleeping bags, carryalls, and novelty goods
Labeling on fabric softener packages, aromatic agents, and pallet loading for stores and shops
Sample box production of shop cosmetics and medicines
Sample production of shop detergents, fabric softeners and aromatic agents
Shop fragrance sample production
Inspecting and packing of bedding and mats

Achievements of Other Packaging Services Images
Achievements of Other Packaging Services Images2