Assistance through
Various Delivery Methods

The Delivery Division was launched with just five trucks in October 1974 – and now has over 110.
NET trucks cover services all over Kanto and Shizuoka.
Diversified and varied delivery methods and product coverage meet all of your requirements.

Delivery Achievements

Miyaoka Co., Ltd., conducts delivery with efficient variations, accommodating the needs of different customers. We provide trucks ranging from 1-ton wagons to large vehicles. Product coverage includes printed matter, CDs, DVDs, food and medical equipment.

Delivery Achievements

Delivery Achievements Images

Unloading & Installing
Business Equipment

Leave the delivery of heavy goods difficult to carry to Miyaoka Co., Ltd. -- refrigerators, kitchen equipment and business showcases. We fill your every need from delivery and unloading to installation and piping for water supplies and drainage.

Unloading & Installing Business Equipment

Unloading & Installing Business Equipment Images

Assembly & Delivery of
Nursing Care Equipment

Assembly and delivery services are based on our widespread expertise in maintaining nursing care equipment. We clean and disinfect products. We use dedicated trained service drivers for delivery to customers. Our staff assembles products such as nursing care bed at local sites.

Assembly & Delivery of Nursing Care Equipment

Assembly & Delivery of Nursing Care Equipment Images